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Other sites just sell stuff.  We also try to help!  Please e-mail or call with any questions.  We also have a TOPICS page which covers a variety of subjects.

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Our equipment selection has come about after a lot of questions and frustration expressed regarding quality equipment (and lack thereof) on the market.  We carry only quality tubs, related accessories, and other equipment that we are proud to offer. In other words, we are particular about what we sell!

While good, reliable customer service is unfortunately not always easy to come by, we are dedicated to providing not only great products, but great, individualized customer service!

If you don't see something you need, please ask.


Poly Pet Tubs in SSDW


"So far Dave's website has the best prices out there. I purchased all my equipment through him, and I have been very pleased with it."

"We received our new tub Tuesday and couldn't be more pleased with it. Everything we ordered was there and not a scratch in it. You were right about the quality--I am sure my wife will get many years of use out of it. All I have to do is finish installing it. Again, thanks for your great service and awesome product. We will look forward to doing business with you in the future."

"I can not thank you enough for your book, and all of your encouragement....Thanks again Dave for all of your support and resources."

More Customer Comments

Start Your Own Self-Serve Dog Wash, Start Your Own Self-Serve Dog Wash,
2nd Edition

A Detailed Guide to Creating and Operating
a Successful Business

by David A. Grass

"Dave's book is a must for anyone considering a SSDW.  It's a small price to pay for priceless information!  Start off the right way and read the book.  All your questions will be answered.  Dave, thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us and saving us countless hours in research."

"This book is so informative! You have done an exceptional job of laying it all out in complete detail. I really appreciate the fact that you are willing to share so much of this information with others....I couldn't put it down."

"I require all of my new staff members to read your book within the first week of their training. It helps them understand what our goal is [at our business]. Its a great tool. Thanks"

"Order Dave's book and read it cover to cover. If you flinch spending the $40, QUIT NOW! The book...pretty much tells you what you need to do to figure how to open the business....it's all there....The title of the book pretty much sums up his book. SPEND THE MONEY!"

To find out more or to order this book, click here.

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