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Shampoo-Mixing Bathing Systems for Dog Wash Tubs.

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Bath Master Bathing Box Animal Bathing System - New 2018!

Bath Master Bathing System "Great product. I have five of the bathing systems and the customers love them. They are easy to set up and maintain. Much cheaper than the Hydrosurge, better customer service and the same results."

Bathe dogs, cats, and even horses in a fraction of the time of hand bathing! Saves money by reducing usage of shampoo and conditioner. The patented "Accu-Mixer" accurately mixes precise amount of shampoo and conditioner to efficiently get the job done!
  • Cuts bathing time in half and gets pets cleaner.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Uses no electricity - operates via water pressure. All you need is warm water from your local water source.
  • No additional plumbing installation necessary - attaches to faucet (via garden hose thread fitting).
  • Accurately measures shampoo while enhansing the shampoo's ability to cut through oil and dirt.
  • Less expensive than other systems.
  • Non-recirculating system assures fresh water and shampoo mixture only on the animal's coat (no dirty water reused as in other systems).
  • Now accommodates up to 4 different shampoo/conditioner products! Select by simply turning dial.
  • Specially designed spray nozzle penetrates the coat with sudsy water down to the skin, providing good penetration and a soothing, massaging experience for pet.
  • Makes bathing pets easier and more enjoyable.
  • Optional Wire Rack holds 4 gallons of shampoo/conditioner on wall.
  • Comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee and complete, 1-year warranty.
Bath Master Sprayer
Click here to watch a short video of the Bath Master in use.

Only $599

Buy Now Bath Master Bather Box Bathing System

Faucet for use with the Bath Master Bathing System

  • High-quality T&S Brass unit
  • 3/4" male garden hose thread outlet.
  • Includes built-in vacuum breaker.

Only $159

Buy Now Standard Faucet

SINGLE Faucet for use with the Bath Master Bathing System

For use in applications where water temperature is set before reaching faucet (See: Thermostatic Mixing Valve).

Similar to above faucet, but with single inlet and single four-arm faucet handle. 3/4" male garden hose thread outlet.

Only $159

Buy Now Single Inlet Faucet

Shampoo Jug Holder

Shampoo Jug Holder
  • Conveniently holds four gallons of shampoo and/or conditioner.
  • Fastens securely to wall.
Only $74

Buy Now Shampoo Jug Holder

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