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Besides the selection of stainless-steel cages below, we can provide others upon request...just e-mail or call with your needs.


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9-Unit Cage Bank Complete, 9-Unit Cage Bank

Practical, user-friendly design at a great price for stainless-steel cages!

  • Made of 20-gauge stainless steel, so no rusting.

  • Fully assembled.

  • Units are on wheels (locking casters) for easy movement.

  • Polyethylene floor grates included.

  • For small to medium dogs.

  • Latches on cage doors self lock when pushed closed.

  • Unique waste drainage design that makes clean up easy!  Each unit has a floor grate over a slanted floor which allows dog waste to flow down a channel in the back of the unit into a plastic waste container at the bottom front of the cage. Simply hose each cage and empty one waste container!
Overall - 58" wide x 78 3/4" tall x 25" deep
Each unit - 19" wide x 22" tall x 25" deep.

Buy Now      Only $2,949      9-Unit Cage Bank

5-Unit Cage Bank Complete, 5-Unit Cage Bank

Includes features of above 9-unit cage bank, but with adjustable bottom unit for larger dogs.

  • Bottom unit comes with a divider that can be removed to make one large cage to accomodate big dogs.
Overall - 58 wide x 62 tall x 25 deep
Each of top three cages - 19 wide x 22 tall x 25 deep
Each of bottom two cages - 29 wide x 30 tall x 25 deep (one 58" x 30" x 25" cage with divider removed)

Buy Now      Only $2,469      5-Unit Cage Bank

3-Unit Cage Bank Complete, 3-Unit Cage Bank

Put on floor, table, or counter top!

  • Can be stacked up to 3 high.
Overall - 58 wide x 31 tall x 25 deep

Buy Now      Only $1,239      3-Unit Cage Bank

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