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Some Customer Comments

"I've really appreciated all of your help and information (of course, I'm sure I'll have more questions for you!), and I know I will be passing on your name to people!!"

"I just thought I'd let you know that finally, after much anticipation, I finally got my tub installed and working and tried it out on my two German Shepherds first. I love it!!!! My older shepherd that loves his bath wasn't quite sure about the whole thing at first, but after a few minutes in it..., he settled right down.

I'm so glad I made the decision to get this particular model!! The price made me a little hesitant at first, but it will be worth every penny I paid for it in the years to come! It looks so beautiful in my grooming room too and I love showing it off!

Thank you again for your part in making my dream come true!!! It's been a positive experience working with you and I'll certainly recommend you to anyone else interested in any of your equipment!!!

Many years of success to you!

Another Satisfied Customer "

"We received our new tub Tuesday and couldn't be more pleased with it. Everything we ordered was there and not a scratch in it. You were right about the quality--I am sure my wife will get many years of use out of it. All I have to do is finish installing it. Again, thanks for your great service and awesome product. We will look forward to doing business with you in the future."

Dave, this thing is just awesome....I tried the 90 lb labrador on a dry run to see if the ramp was a concern. I only had to show her the treat inside the tub and up the ramp she came to get it....It is a beauty and I am very grateful to you for your patience with a first time novice buyer. Thank you."

"....I shopped for months comparing price and quality as well as ease of use. I listened to over zealous pitches from a company that professed to be able to make the best of everything for the best price....Even with all the offers, he still could not match your prices, much less match the quality you offered and delivered. No one could even come close to the patience you exhibited with me. I asked you at least 20 questions via E-mail over several weeks as I kept comparing and researching. You always came back with courteous informative answers and did so timely. Thank you so much."

"WOW that is fast, got the sprayer in today, looks great. Your company is highly recommended by us. Very Good service and fast. Thanks a lot, you saved me a great deal of money and time...after we get set up we will be ordering another tub from you. Thanks again for the wonderful job that you did."

"Mr. Grass,
You are a legend! Thanks so much for your time and energies! Once I get all these numbers crunched, I hope that I start my business, and can attribute some of the success to you! Thanks again, you are wonderfully kind."

"You have been so helpful. If you don't mind, I would like to stay in touch as I work on this adventure. When I am ready to order my tubs and accessories, I will definitely be getting with you."

"Quick plug for Dave's site. I am very pleased with my purchase from One of the tubs arrived with a broken foot (very minor) but Dave had a new foot sent to me in less than a week of my making him aware of the issue. VERY good customer service. I tend to judge based on how a problem is dealt with, and Dave not only did his best to be sure that no problems popped up, but when that one did, it was dealt with quickly and effortlessly."

"....I am so excited. I can't wait to groom again--I really miss it. I am very pleased with my tub. It is working great! Thanks for all your help."

"I have now groomed my dogs and several of the neighbors dogs. The tub is great! And I love the faucet. It makes all the difference in the world when bathing a dog to have a strong, durable spray hose to get the shampoo rinsed out thoroughly."

"We are looking forward to our Grand Opening. I will take the tubs for a test drive next week. So far, we like what we see. Thanks."

"We received our tub in good shape. It is now installed and being used every day. One of our employees is quite tall and she loves the little dog platform. We do most of our drying and brushing in the tub. The ramp for big dogs is great. I was always nervous about the girls lifting big dogs into our old tub, so easy to slip and hard on the back. Thanks...If anyone wants to call us about the tub, I'll be glad to talk to them."

"I can not thank you enough for your book, and all of your encouragement....Thanks again Dave for all of your support and resources."

"Thanks very much for your excellent advice, Dave."

"I love it!  [PCM 1000 Mini Tub]  It is perfect for puppies!...It's perfect for a pet store that hopes to sell 100+ 'clean' puppies a month!."

"Our tub is wonderful. Thank you for the prompt service."

"The tub looks great, thanks."

"...many big name outfits charge an arm and a leg to get stuff up here [Alaska]...I know $61 seems like a lot to pay for shipping but if I tried to get this from one of the big name pet supply places it would cost me double at least. Thanks for keeping your shipping costs (and product prices) reasonable."

"I do like the tub very much and have sent the specs to a friend...Perhaps you may get another sale out of it....Thanks for your follow up."

"Thanks Dave, you're a treasure!!"

"Thanks for the great information!"

"Dave- Everything went great. It was delivered on Tues. It will probably be installed by the end of next week. We will be able to charge the whole neighborhood for washing dogs in that thing. Thanks for all the logistical help on your end."

"Thank you so much for letting us know when to expect the tub. It was delivered today, and you're right, we love it. Can't wait to have it installed. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again."

"You are very kind - appreciate it so much - and am sure we can use all the help we can get! Thanks again for the book..."

"I wanted you to know that she [wife] has been extremely satisfied with the tub we bought last year. Its everything you said it was and more."

"Thanks again for your wonderful concern, assistance and follow-up, Dave. Have a great Memorial Holiday, my friend."

"I love the tub and would like to order another one exactly like it."

"Dave, I appreciate your honesty. Thank You very much for your help. I may have other questions as I go along. Thanks again."

"I received the specs on Saturday, Thanks! I just ordered one of the tubs and the faucet/sprayer for it today. I'm looking forward to using it when our new house is completed!. My 3 Samoyeds and 1 Spitz will love it."

"Your book is GREAT!! Thank You."

"First let me start by saying your book has been THE best investment I could ever imagine for starting my SSDW! The content was beyond informative and very well written. Your humor is great,I found myself chuckling now and then; which is refreshing as I take on the slightly stressful (and rewarding) task of starting my own business, an aspiration I have looked at doing for over ten years. You answered the many questions and concerns I had in starting my SSDW and I found the pics especially helpful. You are my hero!

The website is great too. I look forward to checking the Message Board (MB) on a regular basis for new questions and answers."

"This is so exciting!!!...Thank you for all your help in making it possible for me to get this tub! I can't wait to try it out on my 5 dogs."

"Your book is great! Thanks for the exceptional advise."

"We love our tub. It is used every day."

"The tub arrived on Friday as you predicted....Thanks again for the fast service! "

"I just want to thank you for the unbelievable Air Force Stealth Dryer. Itís amazing how fast my cats are dry now!! What I like most about this dryer is the temperature of the air, I mean before I used my dryer, but it was much too warm. You are a professional knowing what he sells. Thatís the reason why I had it shipped to Belgium. Thanks a lot!!!"

"My table came today!! Thank you so much for all your help in getting my table here. You have gone well above the call of duty. I will refer all my friends to you and your company. Customer service is outstanding!! Thank you again!"

"Many thanks Dave. You've been a great resource and we all appreciate it."

"I am so excited that I came across your site, I am in the throws of setting up my own pet grooming service, and your 'Tubs' look awesome!, I have checked into others but their not quite to my liking, and yours is exactly what I am looking for..."

"Thanks very much for your excellent advice, Dave"

"Many thanks Dave. You've been a great resource and we all appreciate it."

"I just wanted you to know that my tub arrived safe and sound today! HURRAY! I can't wait to get it hooked up and try it out! Thank you again for your part in making this all possible for me! It's been a real pleasure working with you on the plans and I wish you many, many years of success with your business!!!! "

"I just wanted to say thank you for the information and your website....Looking forward to doing business with you! You definitely have the best products and service...thanks."

"Thanks Dave, I am enjoying the dog tub....I am grateful to you for your assistance and help in getting the dog wash tub. Please keep me posted on future product lines. Thanks again."

"Wanted to let you know that indeed the tub was worth the wait. Really has made life easier on my back and am getting more baths when clients see it. Thank you."

"When I got home tonight the trucking company had called and it's here. They are going to deliver it tomorrow. Thank you, Dave--you are the man. You are good people, I can see that."

"The tub is just great. I do not have the plumbing hooked up yet but I know I'm going to love it....I will be able to use it in any home I move into. It looks like it will last forever."

"Thanks again for being so helpful and quick to answer all my questions."

"Once again, thank you very much for everything."

"Iíve had two requests for your dog wash tubs in the past month and would like some info/pricing for our home buyers....You must have a good reputation because our clients generally go with only the best quality products."

"Your book, advice, web site, and quality equipment provided us with pretty much everything we needed to get up and running.

Will keep you updated on our progress!"

"Thank you so much. Your customer service is great just like the testimonials on your website professed!"

"The tub was shipped and was in great condition. Also, we got the sprayer and hose. Thanks so much for your help. I'm sure we'll enjoy its use for years."

"Loved your book!!"

"Thanks for your continued assitance in this matter. You've been a big help."

"Dave, I received the tub specs OK. Thanks so much for your help. Next week I meet with the plumber contractor to figure our layout. These specs will help a lot....I purchased your cd-rom book and I am looking forward to reading it. Again, thanks for being so helpful! I'm sure I will come up with some more questions before I order my equipment."

"You are always so sweet....Thank you so much for being my guardian angel. I really feel awesome having you as my coach."

"The tubs are great. Thanks!"

"Hi, I just finished reading your book. I thought it was just fantastic! It helped me realize that I am heading in the right direction to open my dog wash. While I felt I have been doing all the right research you helped bring focus and light to so many things I have not yet thought of. We are really trying to find a great location. I just moved from NYC where I was a Broadway dancer, I wish someone would have written a book like this about theater when I got there 10 years ago! Anyway, thank you for all your help. It was like a great friend giving you advice you can trust! I will send along a photo when we get our wash open."

"I had checked out other sites but yours was the most informative and your equipment is of better quality."

"After using the tub for about 3 weeks, we (especially my wife) really like it. We have 3 (soon to be 4) bearded collies and it makes bathing (or just foot rinsing) them exponentially easier. The product is everything that we expected it to be. An excellent value!!"

"We got the tub a short while ago, it came off the truck packaged 'nice and pretty' which made me very happy. It looks great and the installation should complete real soon."

"...You have always been so helpfull."

"Let me first say THANK YOU for your book. It was a tremendous help in putting our store together."

"So far Dave's website has the best prices out there. I purchased all my equipment through him, and I have been very pleased with it."

"We had the tubs delivered today and everything looks great!"

"Your book was a great help in building our store, so let me say THANK YOU! The business is doing so well that we hit a 'pay for itself' level in week seven! As you know, not many businesses can make that claim."

"Nice doing business with you."

"...I think you have a wonderful web site with a lot of great information."

"Everything is working out great. Again, thanks for all of your services....I appreciate your help. You have been awesome!"

"The tubs are incredible!!! The delivery was great....Thanks for your help."

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you!"

"...Iíd like to tell Dave that I think you have a wonderful web site with a lot of great information..."

"We have finally moved into our new home and had the opportunity to use our tub, we love it Ė our backs love it."

"Daveís book is a must for anyone considering SSDW. It's a small price to pay for priceless information! Start off the right way and read the book. All your questions will be answered. Dave, thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us and saving us countless hours in research."

"Everyone loves the tubs and our setup (even Animal Control was impressed with them when they came out to inspect)."

"Thanks again for asking how I am doing. Its not often I get this kind of follow up from a vendor."

"Hi Dave, Received the table. Thanks for your excellent service!!!!"

"Thanks for your advice and help on the products we ordered."

"Everything is working great and met our expectations as far as quality and quantity."

"So far, you have the best prices I've been able to find."

"Thanks Dave... you are my hero!"

"Just wanted to say that I very much appreciate your facilitating their response [a supplier who made an error on a customer order] and getting to it so quickly, especially given the long delay on my part. Am sure that service issues are not your favorite part of the day, but I thank you for addressing mine with your suppliers in such short order and your overall excellent level of responsiveness! Looking forward to giving our dog her first bath in our luxury bath, and the neighbors are eager to borrow it as well!"

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