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This page contains a selection of industry-leading, Dryers. These dryers have many years of design and manufacturing experience behind them.

They are high-velocity, forced-air units which produce a high volume of warm air without the use of dangerous heating elements.

Caution: High-wattage human hair dryers are too hot for dogs, and can be harmful and dangerous. Even pet dryers with heating elements can cause not only coat and skin damage, but dehydration and heat stroke.


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We carry:

Metro Dryers, Made in the U.S.A.

Air Force Commander Dryer Air Force Commander

  • A powerful, durable dryer which is the number one selling pet dryer in the world.

  • High performance without a high price!

  • Standard models have two speeds for drying of both large and small dogs. Variable speed control also now available.

  • Rugged, steel construction.

  • Portable and lightweight (only 7 - 8 1/2 lbs, depending on model).

  • Easy to change filter prevents hair from getting into motor or fan.

  • Two sets of legs, allowing vertical or horizontal use on table or floor.

  • Includes accessory kit containing 6' flexible hose with air-flow control, air flare, groomer rake, and air concentrator.

"V" models have Variable Speed Control.

Now available in 4 additional colors:
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Other Colors

Model Peak H.P. low speed
high speed
Max. Amps Weight
AFTD-2 1.7 11,500 23,000 7.5 7 lbs.
AFTD-2V 1.7 0 23,000 7.5 7 lbs.
AFTD-3 4.0 14,000 28,000 11.25 8.5 lbs.
AFTD-3V 4.0 0 28,000 11.25 8.5 lbs.

Buy Now:

MSRP: $248.50    Our price: Only $146
Commander AFTD-2  (1.7HP)

MSRP: $299.50    Our price: Only $175
Commander Variable Speed AFTD-2V  (1.7HP)

MSRP: $266.50   Our price: Only $156
Commander AFTD-3  (4.HP)

MSRP: $317.50   Our price: Only $186
Commander Variable Speed AFTD-3V  (4.HP)

Stowaway Dryer Air Force Stowaway
(formerly called "Stealth")

The pet dryer that never gets in your way!
  • Powerful, two-speed dryer which mounts securely under table or onto a wall.

  • Cannot be knocked over, dropped, or tripped over.

  • Saves valuable floor and table space.

  • Easily slides in and out of unique mounting bracket for installation or removal.

  • Keep hose out of the way by coiling around the exhaust assembly after use.

  • Dryer includes mounting bracket and hardware, 6.5' flexible hose, air concentrator, groomer rake/massager, and air flare tool.

  • Also includes the Groomer's Third Arm for hands-free drying (see pictures above)!

  • 12' grounded power cord.

  • Easy-change foam filter.
Model Peak H.P. High Speed
Low Speed
Max. Amps Weight
AFST-3 4.0 28,000 14,000 11.25 9.5 lbs.

MSRP: $327.50   Our price: Only $189

Buy Now     Air Force Stowaway

CageMaster Dryer Air Force CageMaster

  • Both a cage dryer and forced-air dryer--two dryers for the price of one!

  • The safest way to cage dry dogs quickly and easily.

  • Doesn't overheat or dehydrate dogs, or damage coat or skin as dryers with heating elements can.

  • Steel Body.

  • DLX model includes 15-minute timer that shuts dryer off automatically for added safety.

  • 6' hose that is a full 2 1/2" in diameter for great air flow.

  • Also comes with a 1 1/4" hose that delivers high-velocity air stream that blows water off quickly.

  • Includes cage dryer attachment, air flare, air concentrator, and grooming rake.
Model Switch Type Peak H.P. 2 1/2" Hose
1 1/4" Hose
Max. Amps Weight
CM-3 On/Off Toggle 4.0 5,600 28,000 11.25 8 lbs.

Buy Now:

MSRP: $300   Our price: Only $176
CageMaster CM-3

Blaster & Master Blaster Dryers Blaster and Master Blaster

  • So much power you can cut drying time by as much as 75%, blasting water off the wettest dogs faster and more efficiently!

  • Pound for pound the most powerful dryers available today.

  • All-steel body with 2-stage (dual) fans.

  • 10' x 1 1/2" commercial-strength, flexible hose and heavy-duty neoprene nozzle.

  • 12' heavy-duty, 3-conductor cord.

  • E/Z change foam filter.

  • MB-3 model has twin motors, 2 speeds and levels of temperature, and wheels.

  • B-3V includes variable speed control.
Model Peak H.P. Air Flow Amps Weight
Blaster B-3 4.0 29,000 ft./min. 9.5 8 lbs.
Blaster B-3V 4.0 0-29,000 ft./min. 9.5 8 lbs.
Master Blaster MB-3 8.0 58,500 ft./min. 18 16 lbs.

Buy Now:

MSRP: $308.50   Our price: Only $179
Blaster B-3

MSRP: $358.50   Our price: Only $209
Blaster Variable Speed B-3V

MSRP: $541.50   Our price: Only $317
Master Blaster MB-3

Twin Turbo Dryer Air Force Twin Turbo

  • Super high-velocity dryer with huge amount of airflow for fastest drying times!

  • Two side-by-side steel bodies, each utilizing 4HP, 26,370 PRM motors, and 2-stage (dual) fans.

  • Runs cooler than other dual-motor dryers because of the "side-by-side" design of the unit.

  • Conveniently mounts to wall.

  • Includes 10-foot 1.5" diameter heavy-duty hose, blower nozzle, and air flare.

  • 2 speeds

  • E/Z change foam filters.
Model Peak H.P. Air Flow Amps Volts
Twin Turbo TT-2X4 8.0 61,000 ft./min. 18 120

Buy Now:

MSRP: $681.50   Our price: Only $399
Twin Turbo TT-2X4

Top Gun Dryer Air Force Top Gun

  • A multi-purpose, high performance stand dryer.

  • Provides heat or forced air, whichever you want whenever you want it.

  • Two-speeds.

  • 900 Watt unbreakable, tubular heating element.

  • Solid state variable temperature control (80 degrees to 122 degrees F.) with on/off.

  • Easy change filter compartment.

  • Anti-tip 5-leg base (23" diameter) with 2 1/2" easy hair removal wheels.  Culumn adjusts 39" to 57".  Nozzle swivels 360 degrees.

  • Blower outlet can be changed in seconds from 2 1/2" for finishing to 1 1/4" for forced air drying.

Model Peak H.P. low speed
2 1/2"
high speed
1 1/4"
Max. Amps Weight
TG-2 1.7 Low:
High: 4,600
High: 23,000
10.5 17 lbs.
TG-3 4.0 Low:
High: 5,600
High: 28,000
17 18.5 lbs.

Buy Now:

MSRP: $600    Our price: Only $349
Top Gun TG-2  (1.7HP)

MSRP: $620   Our price: Only $359
Top Gun TG-3  (4.HP)

Dryer Accessory Kit Top Gun Accessory Kit

Includes:  Reducer attachment 2 1/2" - 1 1/4", 6-foot flexible hose with air flow control, air concentrator, air flare, groomer rake, and cage dryer attachment.

MSRP: $44.50   Our price: Only $32

Buy Now     Top Gun Accessory Kit

Groomer's Third Arm Groomer's Third Arm

Two strong spring clamps attached to an 18" flexible gooseneck enables groomers to have a "third arm" for hands-free operation. Can be used with all forced-air dryer hoses.

Buy Now     Groomer's Third Arm  Only $24.99

15-Minute Electronic Dryer Timer

Safety timer that protects pets from dehydration and heat stroke by automatically shutting dryer off.

MSRP: $135   Our price: Only $79

Buy Now     Dryer Safety Timer

Mounting Bracket Dryer Mounting Bracket

Specially designed steel bracket with mounting hardware. Allows you to mount Air Force Commander, CageMaster, and Blaster dryers vertically or horizontally to wall, table, floor, etc.

Buy Now     Dryer Mounting Bracket   Only $19.99

Air Force Quick Draw Air Force Quick Draw

  • Compact, hand-held, portable dryer.

  • Powerful, yet small enough to take on the road.

  • Weighs only just over 3 lbs.

  • Steel construction.

  • Includes air flow control, air concentrator nozzle, air flare, shoulder strap, and table mounting hook.
Model Peak H.P. FPM Max. Amps Weight
QD-1 1.3 18,000 8 3 lbs.

MSRP: $139.95     Our price: Only $89

Buy Now     Quick Draw

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