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EVERY TUB needs a mat or grate inside to provide good pet footing and facilitate drainage. Though too often overlooked, secure footing for dogs is extremely important in a tub, and these mats are a great solution!


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Mat in Tub Mat Leaning Thickness

  • 1/2" thick mat put inside tub provides excellent surface for dogs to stand on comfortably and securely without slipping and sliding. This puts pets much more at ease and makes bathing easier and safer.

  • Thickness of mat allows water and debris to run off so that pets are not standing in them.

  • Can be used in place of tub grate/rack, or put on top of it.

  • Hair can be easily rinsed off, making it much easier to keep clean than grates/racks that have perforations.

  • No perferations means no stuck toes or nails.

  • Top surface is textured a little for even better, secure footing.

  • Can also be used in cages and crates, and on floors.

  • If you need a smaller size, we can cut it for you.

How to Order

  1. Measure the inside of your tub(s) and determine size needed.

  2. Order below.

  3. E-mail us exact size specifications (length x width).

Determining Size

Measuring Guide If you wish to allow the recommended 1 1/2" between mat and sides of tub and drain, measure inside width of tub and subract 3".

Next, measure inside length from non-drain end of tub to drain and subract 3". Remember that if drain is not installed, it will be larger than the hole for it.

If you prefer a tighter or looser fit, that's fine too--use your own calculation.

Length x width in inches is size to order.

Note: 37" x 20" mat fits most 48" tubs amd 47" x 24" most 58"-60" tubs.

Buy Now:

Mat - 37" x 20"  -   $48       Mat - trimmed to smaller size  -   $59

Mat - 47" x 24"  -   $68       Mat, Large - trimmed to smaller size  -   $79

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